Title Year Synopsis
An Englishman in New York2008 In 1975, at the age of 66, openly gay writer Quentin Crisp has given up on finding fame and so it comes rather as a surprise when the British TV film THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT, which i...more
All My Tumbler Girls Or All About Women Who Dare To...2009 In his film, Lothar Lambert has chosen to portray eleven women over forty in Berlin, interweaving accounts of their experiences, their current lives and their expectations for the fu...more
A Year Without Love2005 Pablo is a writer and is HIV positive. When he learns that he will probably die within a year he starts to write a diary. The object of the exercise is not so much to create a piece ...more
A Horse Is Not A Metaphor2008 Filmmaker Barbara Hammer fights ovarian cancer with visions of horseback riding and river swimming in her new experimental film, A Horse Is Not A Metaphor. As a “cancer thriv...more
A Soap2005 Charlotte, who is 34, runs a flourishing beauty parlour. Dissatisfied with her relationship with Kristian, she decides to leave their flat and move into the first apartment she finds...more
A Jihad For Love2007 The word “jihad” or ‘holy war’ often has negative connotations. In the wake of the attacks of September 11 and increasing fears of Islamic terrorist threats, ...more
Absolute Wilson2006 For forty years, Robert Wilson’s aesthetics have left their mark on international theatre and opera. In addition, Wilson has made a name for himself as an installation artist. ...more
A Life In Vain - Walter Schwarze2004 This film is part of a series of films on gay men who survived the Nazi era. I met Walter Schwarze when he was already in his eighties. My camera recorded his first public account of...more
Avant le déluge1953/54 After studying the intricacies of justice in JUSTICE EST FAITE -  JUSTICE IS DONE (France 1950) and capital punishment in NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES ASSASSINS / SIAMO TUTTI ASSAS...more
Acts of Men2006 ACTS OF MEN should have been a film about the daily lives of massacre survivors in Brazil. Everything was planned for us to start shooting in April 2005. But reality did not wait. On...more
Antonia2006 Preta, Barbarah, Mayah and Lena have all been friends since childhood. They live in Vila Brasilândia on the outskirts of São Paulo. At the moment they're still worki...more
Alice's House2006 A working-class district in São Paulo is home to fortysomething manicurist Alice who has been married to her husband, Lindomar, for more than twenty years. Lindomar's moth...more
At Stake2008 AT STAKE presents four short documentaries about the lives of women in Indonesia. EFFORT FOR LOVE (dir.: A. E. Susanti) focuses on two migrant workers in Hong Kong who are both s...more
Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film2006 Art historian Neil Printz simply calls him "a touchstone of the culture", whose significance far exceeds the boundaries of art history: "Andy Warhol is a touchstone of...more
A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory2007 Nadia visits her granddaughter at work - at the Warhol Foundation - and tells her that her son, who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, had been Andy's lover and had ...more
Angel2007 "I've loved you ever since we first met, and I will love you till the day I die." England in the year 1905. Angel Deverell is an extremely talented young writer from a ...more
Ander2009 The valley of Arratia in August 1991. Ander, a farmer well into his forties, lives with his sister Arantxa and his old mother in a remote part of rural Basque country. His is a monot...more
Arias With A Twist: The DocuFantasy2009 Joey Arias ennobled the performance art of being a drag queen. Arias is a personage who stood for the connection between the avant-garde and pop music as well as the revival of Billi...more
Amphetamine2009 In Chinese the word amphetamine has another meaning, namely: ‘is this not his fate?’ Fate is what catches up with a young personal trainer named Kafka in this passionate ...more
Absent2011 AUSENTE looks at the ambiguous relationship between a swimming teacher and one of his students. The film tells the story in a provocative elliptic style with cold, precisely composed...more
Ashamed2010 Three women talk about love. Jung is preparing an art exhibition. After teaching an art class her attention is drawn to some nude drawings by one of her female students, the somewhat...more
Annie1989 Film star Annie, a well-known porn queen, is a performance artist. She transforms herself from a plain Jane into a big wild cat with high-heeled shoes and a widow's veil. In the ...more
A Thousand Clouds Of Peace Fence The Sky, Love; Your Being Love Will Never End2002 17-year-old Gerardo and his friend Bruno have split up. Gerardo finds himself wandering aimlessly about the streets of Mexico City. As he meanders, he is tortured by images: every ma...more
Alfalfa1987 ALFALFA is a gay alphabet. It deploys a disarmingly simple structure to create an exhilaratingly complex play of meanings. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced against a blue ma...more
All About My Father2001 Esben Benestad is a doctor in a small town in Norway. He has his own surgery, has written two books on sex education and writes a column in a men’s magazine; he is also a liber...more
All Over Me1996 15-year old Claude lives with her mother in the New York district known as Hell's Kitchen. From her apartment it is only a short walk through the park to the house where here gir...more
Alkali, Iowa1995 Whilst weeding a bean field a young, closet gay farmer unearths a strange "family treasure" of hidden erotica. When Jack discovers to which one of his relatives this treasu...more
A Lazy Summer Afternoon with Mario Montez2011 A boat, a lake, a lazy summer afternoon, how to look glamorous in nature. Legendary, irresistible, indestructible US underground legend Mario Montez dissects Hollywood icon Joan Craw...more
A world of our own2011 “The conversation starts: I identify with many persons, like Valeska Gert and Édith Piaf and Patti Smith and Ariana Foster and Rosa Luxemburg… … I think ...more
As they say2011 Father and son go on a fishing trip together into the mountains. When the son confesses to the father that he's gay, the situation escalates: tests of masculinity, rituals, viole...more
Audre Lorde. The Berlin Years. 1984-19922011 It is exactly twenty years since the celebrated Afro-American poet and writer Audre Lorde died in 1992. According to her own description of herself she was: ‘a lesbian, a femin...more
Atomic Age2011 L’ÂGE ATOMIQUE follows what begins as a pleasure-seeking journey into Parisian night life and ends in abandonment and disillusionment in a remote forest at dawn. What are...more
Among Men – Gay in East Germany2011 UNTER MÄNNERN – SCHWUL IN DER DDR addresses the question of how gay men lived and could live their lives under ‘real socialism’, where GDR ideology considered ...more
A Fold in my Blanket2012 Dimitrij loves going off on solo climbing expeditions. He'll do anything to escape the gruellingly surreal conformity of the small Georgian town he lives in and the monotony of t...more
A Midsummer Night's Dream1935 Shakespeare's most popular comedy is a merry-go-round of young lovers and supernatural wood sprites. An extravaganza of Hollywood stars and fantastic special effects by Max Reinh...more
Androids Dream2014 The year may be 2052, yet this is a future with one foot in the past. Between the strangely artificial skyscrapers along the coastline and the neon-lined broadwalk, there’...more
Absence2014 Ever since his father left his family in the lurch, 15-year-old Serginho has been trying hard to cope with the new challenges of his daily life. He works with his uncle at the market...more
A Spectacle of Privacy2014 Two people in a hotel room, discussing. A private space, an intimate space. This is a story of the city mourning the disappearance and demolition of its people, whose struggles have ...more
A Place in the Middle2014 She feels more like a boy than even most boys. This documentary follows eleven-year-old Hawaiian girl Ho’onani who dreams of leading her school’s traditional hula gro...more
Anne of the Indies1951 Pirate captain Anne Providence finds a French prisoner on board a British ship she has captured. Pierre François La Rochelle says he has been shanghaied by Anne’s ar...more
A Whole Night1982 Following over two dozen different people in the almost wordless atmosphere of a dark night in a Brussels town, Akerman examines acception and rejection in the realm of romance. ...more
A Boy Needs a Friend 2015 In this latest installment of his ongoing video essay, “Final Thoughts”, Steve Reinke ostensibly turns to the subject of friendship. A Boy Needs a Friend delves into its ...more
A night in Tokoriki2016 There’s a party in the Tokoriki nightclub. It’s Geanina’s 18th birthday and the whole village is there. The neon palm is lit up and the DJ is wearing his golden shi...more
A Fantastic Woman2017 Marina and Orlando are in love and plan to spend their lives together. She is working as a waitress and adores singing. Her lover, twenty years her senior, has left his family for he...more
A Paris Education2018 Filled with expectations, Etienne moves to Paris from Lyon to study film directing at the Sorbonne. He leaves behind his girlfriend Lucie, promising to call her regularly via Sk...more
A Dog Barking At The Moon2019 When the young student Li Jiumei meets her future husband Huang Tao, she is youthful and happy; her daughter Huang Xiaoyu has not yet been born and the secrets of the family are stil...more
Acid2018 Stark naked, Vanya jumps to his death off a balcony. ‘If you want to jump, jump,’ Pete had told him. Before: a flooded apartment, a toilet in the middle of the room, para...more