Title Year Synopsis
Urinal1988 Eisenstein, Mishima, Frida Kahlo and other dead artists are uncannily summoned on a mission to probe the policing of public toilets in Ontario. They discover that, since 1981, hundre...more
Utopians2011 UTOPIANS recounts the origins of an unlikely family made up of three independent yet emotionally needy individuals: Roger, a struggling yoga teacher; Zoe, his headstrong Iraq veteran...more
Unbound1995 Some women love theirs, others hate them. And then there are those who take theirs to a plastic surgeon. Fifteen women comment on their relationship to their breasts. ...more
Uncut1997 Freely drawing from a variety of film genres, including musicals, the sudsy melodramas and documentaries and combing them with a free-flowing narrative and bright pop-art sensibiliti...more
Ulrike Ottinger - Nomad from the Lake2012 Ulrike Ottinger is an exceptional filmmaker and artist. Her cinematic universe has influenced entire generations. As a young woman, she brought the international art world to the sle...more
Una Noche2012 A single night can feel very long sometimes, especially if you’re on a tiny raft, can’t swim and are surrounded by sharks. There are just ninety miles of water between Cu...more
Undress me2013 Night. Two people - a man and a woman – meet. Above all else, their attraction forone another is palpable. Their attraction and their desire to kiss, and more. My place, or y...more
Unfriend2013 A 15-year-old boy stands on the edge of the roof of a building site; his hand playfully reaches into the air. Beneath David lies the city and behind him his friend Jonathan who is tw...more
Untiteld (Human Mask)2014 A macaque monkey, trained to work as a waitress at a restaurant in Japan, sits alone in a deserted dining hall. Waiting amid the dystopian setting for her moment to perform, the monk...more
Uncle Howard2016 After Howard Brookner, director of two documentaries and a feature film, died from AIDS related illnesses at the age of 34 in 1989, his slender oeuvre was in danger of being forgotte...more
United States of Love2016 It is the beginning of the 1990s and Polish society is trying to redefine itself after years of stagnation. Schools are being named ‘Solidarno ’, the first West Germ...more
Ulrike's Brain2017 Referencing sixties B-movies like They Saved Hitler’s Brain and The Brain That Would Not Die, Ulrike’s Brain finds Doctor Julia Feifer (Susanne S...more