Title Year Synopsis
Strella (A Woman's Way)2008 STRELLA, the name of one of the characters in the film, is a play on words, a combination of the female name Stella and the Greek noun Trela (madness, lunacy, or extravagance). Y...more
Sunny Land2010 There are countless Sun Cities in the world. Perhaps the most famous and certainly the most bizarre of these is Sun City in South Africa, a huge resort with a disco, casino and swimm...more
Sticky Dough1999 Both the machines and the staff at the bread factory run like clockwork. The girls are always on the go and their piece rate is bang on target. The new girl, however, number 423, is ...more
Shooting Geronimo2007 A filmmaker and his actor. The frustrated director asks another equally attrac tive man to join the protagonist. Jealousy between the two actors forces the director to intervene. ...more
Sita Sings The Blues2007 In her animation film, the director combines the story of Sita, an Indian goddess from the national epic “Ramayana” with the story of a modern-day woman whose husband inf...more
Suddenly Last Winter2007 Luca and his friend Gustav are thirtysomething; they have been a couple for eight years. Nothing out of the ordinary for a western country, one might think. Yet this is not so. For L...more
Sex and Cloister2005 Maria Del Pilar lives in Mexico. A lesbian, she used to be a nun and once lived in convent. Nowadays she is involved in a number of political activities and is a human rights activis...more
Sissy Boy Slap Party2004 A six-minute study of everything that can go wrong when Louis Negin and his Chippewa Sissy Boys try to graft the Three Stooges onto Kenneth Anger’s lilac bush. Originally conce...more
Star-Crossed2007 Jakob is really a woman, but the superstitious villagers are obsessed with the idea that Jakob has to be a man in order to protect the village from a great calamity. Jakob has never ...more
Summer2005 According to an ancient proverb, anyone who catches a leaf as it falls from the branch of a tree will be granted their dearest wish. Leung and Will are 16 years of age and friends. B...more
Surveillance2007 Following a chance encounter with a stranger, Adam, the hero of this film, finds himself under the surveillance of powerful unseen forces, who see to it that he loses his job as an I...more
Soundless Wind Chime2009 The two young men Pascal and Ricky are both foreigners living in Hong Kong. While Pascal, a Swiss, ekes out a living from street theater and petty crime, Ricky, who comes from Beijin...more
Shelter2006 Anna and Mara are on their way back to Italy having spent a holiday abroad. As soon as they cross the border they realise that an unexpected passenger - a Moroccan teenager named Ani...more
Scott Walker - 30 Century Man2006 "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" was the swinging London song that scored an international hit in the mid-sixties for The Walker Brothers, the group formed by Americ...more
Spider Lilies2006 On the wall of Takeko's studio is a picture of a mysterious tattoo of a golden spider lily (lycoris aurea) - the flower of death that lines the path leading to the realm of the d...more
Soy mi madre2008 Roaring Fork Valley, a region in Colorado in the western US: Glasgow artist Phil Collins studies the immigrants, who mostly come from northern Mexico and often work in the service br...more
Southern District2009 Unlike many other cities where the mansions of the wealthy are to be found in the hills, the well-heeled citizens of La Paz live down in the city’s southern district. Here life...more
Silver Girls2010 This documentary tells the story of three grandmothers who earn a living as prostitutes. Christel, Paula and Karolina either work in their own apartment, in a brothel, or receive cli...more
She Monkeys2011 A case of bitchiness in the stables. Emma joins a group that is learning how to perform exercises on horseback. Here she meets Cassandra, an experienced circus rider who at once reco...more
Shahada (Faith)2010 This episodic film about three young muslims in Germany was shot in Berlin. Ismail, a Turkish police officer, can’t cope with a dramatic accident involving his firearm. He leav...more
Siemiany2009 Andrzej and Michal spend their vacation together every year in Siemiany. They pass time by catching tadpoles, swimming and exploring their sexuality. Their friendship is challenged b...more
Suicide Room2011 Dominik is the product of a marriage driven by success and ambition between Andrzei, a businessman, and his wife Beata. There are only one hundred days to go before Dominik will leav...more
Spring2010 Joe embarks on a sadomasochistic adventure with a stranger. For him it’s all about the sexual thrill, but for Tim their game satisfies deep psychological needs. An encounter be...more
Swans2011 A father and his teenage son travel to Berlin. The boy has never met his mother who is in hospital in a coma. The father is confronted by his uncertain past. Both are unsettled by th...more
Show Me Love1998 Åmål is a sleepy little town in Sweden and just about the most boring place on earth or, as Elin says in her inimitable fashion - „fucking Åmål!“ ...more
Silence=Death1989 Director Rosa von Praunheim explores the reactions of New York City's artistic community to the ravages of the AIDS epidemic and other issues of homosexuality in this haunting do...more
Swoon1991 Tom Kalin’s visually stunning, black and white feature film debut SWOON tells the well-known story of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two wealthy Jewish college...more
Silverlake Life1992 After he was diagnosed with AIDS, film director and one-time UCLA film professor Tom Joslin decided to closely document his and his lover Mark Massi's experiences. The film follo...more
Sex is...1993 This documentary lovingly explores the variations on gay male sexuality in San Francisco from the 1960's to the 1990's, from the beginnings of gay liberation there, to the pr...more
Strawberry And Chocolate1993 A man finds that friendship and understanding can span many boundaries - age, politics, and gender preference among them - in this comedy-drama from Cuba. David is a student and arde...more
Secret2012 Ksawery and Karolina are visiting Jan in the country. Ksawery is a dancer who performs as a drag queen and Karolina is his agent. Jan is Ksawery’s grandfather. Ksawery is gay, ...more
Sleepless Knights2012 Carlos is spending the summer in the country with his family in order to help out with things. Perhaps he won’t even be returning to the capital, as economic prospects are hard...more
Sing Me the Songs that Say I Love You2012 In May, 2011 a concert was held in New York’s Town Hall to commemorate the influential Canadian singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle who had died of cancer a year previously at th...more
Some Like It Hot1959 In 1929 Chicago, two unemployed musicians flee angry mobsters by dressing up as women and joining a female band on tour. Billy Wilder’s riotous comedy, with its legendary perfo...more
Sebastiane1976 Saint Sebastian is at the centre of Jarman's first feature film, which he made in 1976 together with editor and producer Paul Humfress. This is the story of the guardsman Sebasti...more
San Cristóbal2015 Lucas and Antonio. Two young men meet and fall in love in a remote fishing village in the south of Chile. One lives there, the other is visiting. Sensuality dictates the pace of the ...more
Stories of our Lives2014 Members of the multi-disciplinary art collective NEST spent several months travelling Kenya collecting stories of young LGBTI people – stories about their experiences and ...more
Sea Shore2015 Having been good friends for years, Martin and Tomaz now find themselves on the cusp of adulthood. Martin’s father sends his son to southern Brazil, where the family is from, t...more
Sworn Virgin2015 Hana is growing up in an archaic alpine landscape in Albania where the old codes and traditional gender roles prevail. She escapes the fate of a wife and servant when, in accord...more
Serpentarius2019 The opening titles say Carlos Conceição was born in Africa and left for Europe in his teens, his mother stayed behind. She said she wanted to adopt a bird that would li...more
So Pretty2019 The lovers are reunited at the airport and soon they’re together in the white bedroom. The camera glides through the space, passing by desk, wardrobe, window and two bodies ent...more
Singin’ in the Rain1952 It’s 1927 and the first sound film, The Jazz Singer, has just become a huge hit. So the next production for silent film idols and manufactured sweethearts Don Lockwood and ...more
Strong Island2017 In a phone call at the beginning of Yance Ford’s film an employee of the district attorney refuses to make any more statements regarding the murder of William Ford and declares...more
Strike a Pose2016 For her ‘Blond Ambition’ tour in 1990, pop superstar Madonna was looking for performers who knew how to vogue. Out of countless hopefuls, the gay dancers Salim, Kevin, Ca...more
Skins2017   Samantha, Guille, Ana and Cristian all have something in common – and yet they couldn’t be more diverse. Their bodies are different to those of other people; b...more
Swedish Cousin2016   It's not long to go until Cata's 15th birthday and she's getting more nervous by the day. She's irritated about her dress, her chilled-out friends, everyth...more
Small Talk2016 Anu is a tomboy. Although she was married off at a young age – as was customary in Taiwan in the 1970s – and had two children, she quickly divorced her violent husband an...more
Shakedown2018 ‘Shakedown’ was a series of parties founded by and for African American women in Los Angeles that featured go-go dancing and strip shows for the city’s lesbian...more
Searching Eva2019 Since she was 14, Eva has thought of privacy as old-fashioned. With incredible consistency, she lives her entire life in public and online, constantly commented on by her fans. At 17...more
Savage Nights1992 After a film shoot in Morocco, Jean, a thirty-year-old cameraman, returns to Paris and throws himself into his old excessive ways, despite his HIV infection. Roaring through the nigh...more
Synonyms2019 In Paris, things do not exactly get off to a good start for Yoav. He knocks on the door of a flat, only to discover the place is empty and, while he’s taking a bath there, his ...more
Self-Portrait in 23 Rounds: a Chapter in David Wojnarowicz's Life, 1989-19912018 Political artist, painter, writer, performer and photographer David Wojnarowicz was one of the leading personalities of the 1980s New York art scene. In an interview conducted in 198...more
Split - William to Chrysis. Portrait of a Drag Queen1992 A cinematic tribute to transgender celebrity International Chrysis (1951-1990). Rejected by his parents, this effeminate Bronx boy was desperate to be more than just William, and so ...more