Title Year Synopsis
Reporter Zero2005 The film tells the story of Randy Shilts, who, at the beginning of the 1980s, was the first journalist to write about the discovery of the AIDS virus. At a time when nobody had yet d...more
Ricky2009 When Katie, an ordinary woman, meets Paco, an ordinary man, something wonderful and magical happens: they fall in love. But then, their love for each other produces an unusual baby, ...more
Russia 882008 A docudrama about Russian Neo-Nazis based on real events that makes use of authentic interviews. At the centre of the fictional story is a group of Moscow skinheads called “Rus...more
Remembrance Of Things Fast1993 The gay lifestyle is examined from the point of view of both gays and straights in British gay lampoon which satirizes the effect the media has on modern society. ( ...more
Rage2008 Seven days, fourteen characters, a schoolboy and his website. An accident, a murder and a crisis in New York’s fashion industry. Broken dreams, bitter conflict and secret confe...more
Resident Alien1990 A documentary film about Quentin Crisp, one of the first unabashed homosexuals, born in England in 1908. Crisp flitted around in women's dresses, with dyed hair and painted nails...more
Razzle Dazzle2006 The atmosphere is tense and stage-fright has gripped all those taking part in Australia's most important dance competition, the "Sanosafe Troupe Spectacular", in which ...more
Raging Sun, Raging Sky2009 In his latest film, Julián Hernández portrays love as an epic act of martyrdom in which redemption and fulfilment can only be found in the afterlife. This new work tell...more
Rock Hudson - Dark And Handsome Stranger2009 Rock Hudson was a dream of a man; the epitome of masculinity: tall, slim and muscular, with a deep, mellifluous voice. His glossy black hair, sparkling eyes, high cheek bones and sen...more
Rent Boys2011 The documentary RENT BOYS (DIE JUNGS VOM BAHNHOF ZOO) is a compelling weave of authentic stories about rent boys that manages to illuminate the phenomenon of male prostitution whilst...more
Romeos2011 Lukas has just turned twenty. He’s going through hormone replacement therapy induced male puberty, because he was born a girl. Ready for action, he launches into his new life i...more
Return Return2009 RETURN RETURN is a mashup of an audiotext work by Caroline Bergvall, ”VIA (48 Dante Translations)”, and a slowed-down version of the trailer to the feature-length fiction...more
Rights And Reactions: Lesbian & Gay Rights On Trial1987 In March 1986, The New York City Council passed a law which made sexual discrimination an offence. It took fourteen years of debate before this decree was finally made law. The Film ...more
Relax1990 The thoughts of a man who has undergone the HIV test. ...more
Road Movie2011 “ROAD MOVIE examines contemporary life in Palestine, where residents of the West Bank are confronted with a segregated and impossible road system made all the more problematic ...more
Rosakinder At first glance these five directors couldn’t be more different, and they certainly wouldn’t appear to have much in common. And yet, take a look at their biographies, and...more
Reaching for the Moon2013 It is 1951. New York poet Elizabeth Bishop is looking for new inspiration for her work.  She travels to Rio de Janeiro to visit Mary, a college friend. The shy Elizabeth is over...more
Rara2016 «So ... do your Mom and Lia kiss in public?» · «Sometimes. Not that much.» Since their parents split up, Sara and her younger sister live with their mo...more
Reluctantly Queer2016 This epistolary film invites us into the unsettling life of a young Ghanaian man struggling to reconcile his love for his mother with his love for the same-sex desire amid the increa...more
Richard the Stork2016 ‘What kind of a sparrow are you?’ · ‘I…I am a stork.’ When Richard awakes one fall morning to find himself alone in his stork nest, he'...more
Rustlers2016 Albertina Carri wants to make a film about Isidro Velázquez, an almost mythical outlaw figure from northern Argentina who was shot dead by police in 1967. She’s not the ...more
Red Cow 2018 'How do you feel about intimate relations? Speak freely, don’t hold back.’ · ‘I think it’s the highest connection between two souls.’ Benny&r...more
Retablo2017 'Are you not happy working with him?’ · ‘I want to see other things. You will get lost out there.’ · ‘Why can the others go and I can’...more
River's Edge2018 Tokyo, 1994. In a video interview a young woman discusses the significance of a teddy bear. Shortly afterwards, a burning object falls from a high-rise building at night. A young man...more