Title Year Synopsis
Postcard To Daddy2010 POSTCARD TO DADDY tells the autobiographical story of sexual abuse experienced between the ages of eight and sixteen by the filmmaker Michael Stock at the hands of his own father....more
Paper Dolls2005 When the second Intifada began, Israel closed its borders to workers from Palestinian territories who, during the previous years had taken on all the worst-paid jobs in the land. Jus...more
Parade2009 Naoki, Mirai, Kotomi and Ryosuke all live together in a two-roomed apartment in Tokyo. Their ages vary and they work in a variety of professions. They wouldn’t really know each...more
Patti Smith: Dream Of Life2007 The photographer Steven Sebring went to his first Patti Smith concert eleven years ago. He was so impressed by her performance that he asked Patti Smith if he might photograph and fi...more
Pedro2008 PEDRO is based on the true-life story of Pedro Zamora, a Cuban-American who shared his experience living life to the fullest, despite being diagnosed as HIV positive at a young age. ...more
Poor Boy's Game2006 Donnie Rose went to prison after having beating up a young man so brutally that the victim will suffer for the rest of his life. Nine years later, Donnie is released from jail. He ha...more
Paradjanov - A Requiem1994 The film shows the unique world of artist Sergei Parajanov, whose brilliant images in films and collages aroused the suspicion of Soviet authorities. Unexpectedly, this last all-embr...more
Porno Melodrama2011 Akvilé and Jonas were a couple until Jonas fell in love with a man. But Akvilé cannot forget her lover and continues to appear in porn films, even without him. She begs...more
Precious Moments2002 In 1997, a man was convicted for having sex with an underage boy. Two months before his sixteenth birthday, the boy in question had responded to an advert the man had placed in the p...more
Paragraph 1751999 The ‘pink triangle’ is a familiar symbol throughout the gay movement, and yet its history and significance is largely unknown both to many homosexuals outside Germany as ...more
Peppermills1997  A young woman sits at the police station making a statement about the burglary of her apartment. She is particularly upset about the theft of her collection of 257 peppermills ...more
Paris Was A Woman1995 “PARIS WAS A WOMAN” is a film portrait of the creative community of women writers, artists, photographers and editors who flocked to the Left Bank of Paris in the early d...more
Positive1990 This film powerfully documents New York City's gay community's response to the AIDS crisis as they are forced to organize themselves after the government's failure to ste...more
Paris Is Burning1990 >>> watch trailer on ...more
Poison1990 Inspired by the writings of Jean Genet, POISON deftly interweaves trio of transgressive tales - HERO, HORROR and HOMO - that build toward a devastating climax. HERO shot in mock TV-d...more
P(l)ain Truth1992 P(L)AIN TRUTH tells the story of a transsexual's transformation from a biological woman into a biological man. Using poignant imagery, text and music, the film describes the rang...more
Priest1994 Father Greg Pilkington, newly assigned to St. Mary's parish in inner-city Liverpool, is startled to discover Father Matthew Thomas is engaged in a sexual relationship with rector...more
Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open2012 The fact that Paul Bowles is less well known than fellow writers like William S.Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg or Jack Kerouac may be because, after pursuing a nomadic lifestyle at the be...more
Portrait of Jason1967 ”What I really want to do is what I am doing now: perform,” says Jason Holliday in”his” portrait. Jason – black, gay and a self-declared hustler –...more
Peter1934 Starring Francisca Gaál in a breeches role. Dressed as a boy, a street musician gets a job pumping gas. When s/he starts to have feelings for her patron, watch out for complic...more
Papilio Buddha2013 We could be in paradise: Shankaran discovers a rare butterfly, the Papilio Buddha, which is only found in the Western Ghats in India. It is a near perfect moment for him and his gay ...more
Pierrot Lunaire2014 In 1912 the actress Albertine Zehme asked the composer Arnold Schönberg to set to music part of the Pierrot Lunaire-poems by the Belgian Albert Giraud: For five musicians and a ...more
Praia do Futuro2013 Water is lifeguard Donato’s element and the sea is his home. The ‘Beach of the Future’ mentioned in the film’s title unexpectedly gives his life new direction...more
Practicing Live2014 An art world reality soap opera. A family celebrates the father’s birthday. Each family member is employed within the art scene, and played by a real-life art professional. Lon...more
Prison System 46142015 In the world of fetishes there’s a niche for every type of proclivity. Arwed caters to a special type of customer: he runs a private prison where he is happy to find all so...more
Parting Glances1986 Robert is about to move from New York to Kenya. He leaves behind Michael, who still harbours feelings for his ex, Nick, who is battling AIDS. Bill Sherwood’s only film remains ...more
Paths2017 A kiss by the sea, a promise for life. Who goes to the Baltic coast in the autumn? Nobody except Martin and Andreas. They come here every year and, every year, their son Max is a bit...more
Pop Rox2017 Jesse is creative and seldom at a loss for words. But how can she confess to her best friend that she is in love – with her, no less? Should she act it out with finger pup...more
Pasolini2014 There are no indications that it will be the last day in the life of Italian writer and director Pier Paolo Pasolini. As usual, he spends the morning of November 2, 1975 with hi...more
Parsi2018 “No es” (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem by Mariano Blatt, which is constantly written over the course of a lifetime. The text of the poem, a list of “what see...more