Title Year Synopsis
No Bikini2007 A look back at a few glorious days in Robin’s childhood that shaped her life. When she was seven, she spent her holidays as a swimming camp. She decided to do without her bikin...more
No Regret2006 In his feature film debut Korean director Leesong Hee-il tells the story of a gay love affair that draws as much inspiration from the modern melodramas of Asian queer cinema as it do...more
Nocturnal Uproar1979 The filmmaker Solange has a young daughter and a husband with whom she sleeps with from time to time. But that's neither enough for a film nor a life. Solange wants more: she has...more
Notes On A Scandal2006 Barbara Covett is a domineering, nonetheless lonely teacher who has worked for years at a shabby state school in London. Ruling her class with an iron fist, the only creature to whom...more
New York Memories2010 Twenty years ago, the Berlinale’s Panorama section screened Rosa von Praunheim’s ÜBERLEBEN IN NEW YORK - SURVIVAL IN NEW YORK. The film revolved around Claudia, Anna...more
Nono2011 Whenever the schoolchildren sing the national anthem eight-year-old Toto is asked to keep quiet. He has a harelip and his garbled voice always makes them all laugh. But this boy from...more
Naked Opera2012 Marc is a wealthy but terminally ill man who is living life to the full one final time. Alongside his ordered existence as a human resources manager in Luxembourg he enjoys a bacchan...more
Not Blacking Out, Just Turning The Lights Off2011 The video examines the role of intimacy in relation to desire and physical proximity.Using images and sounds that are surrogates for the liquidity or porosity of the body, of being i...more
Night Flight 2014 After a tryst with a lover in a derelict, condemned building housing the ‘Night Flight’ gay bar, Yong-ju roams the streets of night-time Seoul and bumps into his ex-best ...more
Nasty Baby2014 Freddy is an artist whose desire for a baby has become something of an obsession. He surrounds himself with photographs of his childhood and is working feverishly on a fresh piec...more
Niagara1953 At Niagara Falls, Ray and Polly Cutler meet another couple, Rose and George Loomis. Rose is an attractive, vivacious blond; her husband is an apparently depressed war veteran wit...more
Nitrate Kisses1992 A never seen in this way before, sensitively creative conquest of the female sexual realm, radically beyond the prescriptions of mainstream culture. Barbara Hammer has screened many ...more
Normal2019 Adele Tullis’s formally straightforward but aesthetically convincing documentary examines rigidly defined gender roles and the uncritical submission to the dictates of (hetero-...more