Title Year Synopsis
Lucky There's No Patent For Happiness1984/85 Norma DIn works in the Patent office. her life is dominated by the daily toil at her post and the abstract presentation of inventions that she must read without context. Norma D...more
Loose Cannons2009 Tommaso is the youngest member of a large family of pasta-makers in Puglia. The Cantone family includes the mother, Stefania, a caring woman who is nonetheless trapped by middle-clas...more
Love exposure2008 Yu is a high school boy who lives with his father. After Yu’s mother dies at a young age, his father decides to become a catholic priest. Yu’s father is a much-loved prie...more
Looking For Langston1989 The life and work of Langston Hughes in the 1930s and 1940s during the renaissance of Jazz and Blues in Harlem, is a prime example for the identity of the gay, black artist. Poetical...more
Love Sick2006 Alex is studying philology at Bucharest University. In order to spend more time with her girlfriend, Kiki, she decides to give up her room at the student’s hostel and move into...more
Lagerfeld Confidentiel2006 Everyone knows his trademark grey ponytail, fans and sunglasses. Karl Lagerfeld has long since succeeded in turning himself into an icon. His persona is just as dazzling as his fashi...more
Lover Other: The Story Of Claude Cahun And Marcel Moore2006 Barbara Hammer’s collage of photographs, documents, interviews, lyrical passages and dramatised scenes recalls the lives of two surrealist artists and lesbian Resistance fighte...more
Land of Scarecrows2008 Some landscapes have been abused to such a degree that they make their inhabitants strange and lonely. Honghae in rural South Korea has this effect on Ji-Young, a female installation...more
Little Joe2009 LITTLE JOE is a deeply personal portrait and the result of an adult daughter exploring her father's 40-year career as a legendary sex symbol with beginnings in the mythic world o...more
La León2006 Alvaro's world is one of rivers and streams. This remote island off the Argen tinean coast is where he ekes out a humble existence. Fishing and reed-cutting are his only sources ...more
Like a Virgin2006 "If there's any message in my songs, it is to believe in your dreams." Oh Dong-gu has completely internalised pop singer Madonna's message. Possessed of a body like...more
Light Gradient2009 Two young men, Johann and Robin, take a trip into the countryside. The more they penetrate the forests of Brandenburg, the stranger their adventure becomes. Bikes disappear, maps pro...more
Last Address2009 Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe, Norman René, Klaus Nomi … the list of New York artists who died of AIDS over the last thirty years is countless, and the loss immeasu...more
Looking for Simon2011 Simon, a young German doctor, who is living and working in Marseille, doesn't give any news. His apartment is empty. Valerie, his mother, is desperate to find him and travels to ...more
Lightflight2010 In 1953 Herbert Tobias was the first German photographer to work for Vogue in Paris. He was expelled from France in the same year however on account protesting during a raid at a gay...more
Lollipop Monster2010 Two girls, Ari and Oona, dream of breaking free. The Baron, frontman of their favourite band ‘Tier’ sings: “We sense everything, you won’t fool us. We are des...more
Lipstikka2011 Lara is Palestinian. She left Ramallah thirteen years ago to begin a new life in London where she married Michael and had a child. She, her husband and her seven-year-old son James l...more
Liu Awaiting Spring1998 The story of a sexual awakening, combined with elements of traditional Chinese opera. A film which also describes the threats - such as homophobia, xenophobia and Aids - to which the...more
Lost In Paradise2011 Saigon can be a very cold place. And yet this pulsating urbane megacity spells hope and desire for Khoi, who has escaped from his rural background. This is the place where this twent...more
Leave It On The Floor2011 As soon as twenty-two-year old Brad Lyle’s mother discovers that her son is gay she denounces him as a loser and throws him out of the house. Suicidal Brad drifts away from his...more
Loxoro2011 Lima, Peru. Darkness. Makuti, a middle-aged single mother is desperately searching for her nineteen-year-old daughter Mía who left home to work on the streets. Makuti and he...more
Love Is In The Air2011 Decked out in toreador bolero jackets, paper hats and parade uniforms, four young people dance and sing in a blaze of light and glitter. They are celebrating Teresa’s birthday ...more
Look At Me Again2011 OLHE PRA MIM DE NOVO is a road movie that whisks us away to the wild, semi-arid expanse of north-eastern Brazil. Our tough, cool travelling companion is Silvyo Luccio (‘..I was...more
LAW and ORDER2012 Oops! Shocking? Now here’s a rare sight: two naked elderly men in elegant surroundings talk about their relationship and the good old days, and chat in a refreshingly candid ma...more
Lose your Head2013 Luis leaves his partner and flies to Berlin from Spain for a weekend of lighthearted partying, experimenting with drugs and casual physical encounters. He meets Viktor, a mysterious ...more
Love Is Strange2014 When same-sex marriage is legalised in New York in 2011, Ben and George decide to marry after 39 years together. Shortly after this, George, who works as a music teacher at a Catholi...more
Land of Storms2013 Szabolcs, a young Hungarian footballer, plays for a German team and is good friends with his roommate Bernard. But the training proves to be too hard for him and, after losing a game...more
Leave Her to Heaven1945 On a visit to friends in New Mexico, writer Richard Harland is introduced to beautiful, headstrong socialite Ellen Berent, who he has met on the train. He finally succumbs to her...more
L'Oiseau de la Nuit2015 In the latest of her series of portraits of legendary underground performers, Marie Losier takes us into the world of Fernando, aka Deborah Krystal, the glittering and poetic perform...more
Liebmann2016 Teacher Antek Liebmann leaves his life in Germany behind and rents a place in summery northern France. He learns from his landlord that a murderer is striking terror in the surroundi...more
Little Men2016 «Why they’re still mad on us?» · «Our parents are involved in a business matter and it’s getting ugly. So they’re taking it out on us.&raqu...more
Ludwig II of Bavaria 1927 In the last years of his life, Bavarian king Ludwig II (1845 – 1886) devotes himself to ambitious architectural projects, which strain the state coffers to the extreme. Th...more
L'Animale 2018 In Austria the final school exam is known as the ‘Matura’. Unlike the German word ‘Abitur’ (from the Latin ‘abire’ meaning ‘to walk away&rsq...more
Lemebel2019 Pedro Lemebel’s sharp-tongued, poetic texts and provocative performances made him one of South America’s most important contemporary artists. In dictatorial Chile under P...more