Title Year Synopsis
Jolly Fellows2009 An unconventional comedy about five men, who have chosen an extravagant lifestyle and job. They work as drag queens. Rosa, Lusya, Fira, Lara and Gertruda – under these names th...more
Just Another Love Story2009 In traditional Bengali theatre it’s not unusual to see men in female roles. One of the last surviving androgynous stars of Bengali theatre is Chapal Bhaduri. A young gay filmma...more
Jane's Birthday Trip2005 On her 42nd birthday, Jane, a lesbian from San Francisco, decides to pay a visit to her native town in Ohio, with her lover in tow. Family dynamics force her to face her internalised...more
Just a woman2001 Teheran in October 2000. A year ago, Moravid (which, translated, means “pearl”), was a man. Since her sex change she has lived in complete isolation in her tiny apartment...more
Jaurès2012 A studio. A man and a woman. Moving images on the screen, which he comments on, spurred on by her questions. All the footage was shot from the window of a flat: views of the street, ...more
Journey into Post-History2015 A couple travels to Italy. During their trip, the state of their relationship becomes clear to them: They argue, take different paths and wonder whether to divorce. Vincent Dieutre h...more
Je, tu, il, elle / I, You, He, She1974 „Je“ is a girl voluntarily lock up in a room.  „Tu“ is the script. „Il” is a lorry driver. „Elle“ is the girlfriend.   ...more
Jonathan2016 Jonathan is 23; he and his aunt, Martha, work on their farm. Jonathan also devotes himself to looking after his father Burghardt, who has cancer. But, railing against his own decrepi...more
Just Like Our Parents2017 Rosa is in her late thirties. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her own family in an apartment in central São Paulo. Her husband is often away on research trips that ar...more
Juck2018 Juck is sex. Juck is energy. Juck is protest. Juck is therapy. Juck is action. Juck is dominance. Juck is provocation. Juck is tolerance. Juck is movement. Juck is fantasy. Juck...more
Just don't think I'll scream2019 The flow of images is endless, snippets of hundreds of feature films follow each other in rapid succession. For the entire duration of this found-footage essay, they illustrate the f...more
Jean Genet is Dead1987 Young men find themselves scattered and defencelessly exposed to a merciless sun. Their gaze moves off searchingly into the distance. Deserted places appear to offer vague promises o...more