Title Year Synopsis
Group Of Seven Inches2005 The film is based on the condescending depiction of “romantic savages” to be found in the diaries of “American Indian” painters George Catlin (1796–1872...more
Gender X2004 Berlin has always exercised a certain magnetism, not only for people with unusual biographies, but also for those who refuse to adhere to society’s ‘norms’. Julia O...more
George Michael - A Different Story2004 Much has been written and even more has been said about George Michael. Not much is known, however, about how he himself sees the story of the young man from suburban Edgware in Midd...more
Green Porno2008 GREEN PORNO is a series of very short films conceived by, written by, directed by and featuring Isabella Rossellini about the sex lives of bugs, insects and various other creatures. ...more
Gnome2005 When Amanda is offered a ride in a car she has no idea that this will be the trip of her life. Her existence as a suburban housewife will never be the same again. ...more
Gigolo2004 He is young, good-looking and of Arab descent – and gets lost amongst the glamour of Paris’ international jet set. >>> Watch trailer on the homepage of the d...more
Ghosted2009 GHOSTED is the haunting story of an unusual love affair bridging two cultures and two cities: The sudden death in unexplained circumstances of her young Taiwanese lover, Ai-ling, thr...more
Gevald2008 GEVALD, like the documentary CITY OF BORDERS, tells the story of the ”Shushan“ bar, the only Jerusalem bar that caters to the queer community in the Holy city. The film u...more
Gentlemen Broncos2009 Perhaps the fact that Benjamin lives in a geodatic dome accounts for his ability to write such marvellous science fiction stories at the age of 17. His mother, an ambitious nightdres...more
Going South2009 Sam is driving south. Three difficult passengers travel with him: Léa, her constantly filming brother Matthieu and the good looking Jérémie. The three youths &nd...more
Gay Days2009 In 1985 there were three known homosexuals in Israel and by 1998, 3000. In this short, intense and dramatic period Israel goes through the fastest, most colourful revolution of the l...more
Generations2010 GENERATIONS is a 30-minute16mm film about mentoring and passing on the tradition of personal experimental filmmaking.  Barbara Hammer, 70 years old, hands the camera to Gina Car...more
Ghosts#91982 Through personal ties with William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge came into the possession of a number of film cans. These cans, salvaged in 1980 by P-Orridge...more
Go Fish1993/94 Max is looking for love. Her flat-mate, Kia, has already found her true love in Evy, who is still living with her mother and working on trying to get rid of her ex-husband. Then th...more
Green Laser2011 A mashup of Otto Preminger’s film EXODUS about the founding of the state of Israel, with the voices of Canadian activists who take part in the Gaza flotilla raid in their boat....more
Gut Renovation2012 In 1989, together with a group of female friends, Su Friedrich rented and renovated an old loft in Williamsburg, an unassuming working-class district of Brooklyn. In 2005 this former...more
Gado Bravo1934 A love story set in Portugal, where a German singer makes eyes at a celebrated matador. A film made in Ribatejo by German exiles, with documentary footage of landscapes a...more
Gineva2014 Adi and Florin, two illegalized migrants from Romania, earn money working as escorts in various Geneva bars. Extracted from reality in front of a blue screen, they are reenact their ...more
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953 As New York showgirls Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw travel to Europe, they are shadowed aboard ship by private detective Ernie Malone, hired by the disapproving millionaire father...more
Gone With the Wind1939 It’s the American south in 1861 and Scarlett O’Hara is in love with her neighbour Ashley Wilkes. When he announces his engagement to his cousin, southern belle Scarle...more
Gendernauts - A Journey Through Shifting Identities1999 GENDERNAUTS explores transgenderism. San Francisco at the beginning of the new millennium: gender benders and sexual cyborgs make use of new technologies to change their bodies. Iden...more
Girl Talk2015 Girl Talk features poet and critical theorist Fred Moten dancing in slow motion, or ‘dragged time’, to an a cappella rendition of Betty Carter’s jazz standard &ldqu...more
God's Own Country2017 Young Johnny is running his ailing father’s farm in Yorkshire, England. The communication between father and son reflects their adverse living and working conditions, the fathe...more
Game Girls 2018 Skid Row in Los Angeles is the infamous ‘homeless capital’ of the USA. Anyone who is trying to learn the rules of the game and survive here has a really tough time, as th...more
Garbage2018 A young, seemingly mute woman has been fixed to the wall of an apartment with a long metal chain. She is being kept as a slave in the home of taxi driver Phanishwar, where she sleeps...more
Greta2019 The hospital in Fortaleza in Brazil is so overcrowded that 70-year-old nurse Pedro cannot find a bed for his transgender friend Daniela, who is suffering from kidney failure. Without...more