Title Year Synopsis
Fucking Different!2004 Fifteen queer crossovers: lesbian filmmakers from Berlin were asked to make a short film about their idea of male gay love and sexuality and, vice-versa, gay men were given the task ...more
Feline Masquerade2005 Stories of women who love women: their relationships and international networks, their search for identity and their – often secret – meeting places. Five women in Switze...more
Fabulous! The Story Of Queer Cinema2005 The pictorial depiction of gays and lesbians in American culture is a modern-day achievement – the result of gay and lesbian movements in the last third of the previous century...more
Funny Felix1999 Felix and Daniel live in Dieppe. Thanks to a series of circumstances, Felix is able to realise a plan he has been contemplating for a long time, namely, to travel to Marseille to vis...more
First Love2007 Tadashi is about to take his final school examinations. Unbeknown to anyone, he has fallen in love with his fellow-pupil, Kota, and doesn’t dare to tell anyone. One hot summer&...more
Filth And Wisdom2008 Andriy Krystiyan, or A. K. for short, has come to England from the Ukraine. A. K. is a philosopher (at least that’s what he claims to be), a poet, and an authority on all aspec...more
Flatmates2007 Two friends, Björn and Hampus, decide to move in together. If one ignores the fact that the two men are completely different, theirs is a close relationship. Being in love with ...more
Four Windows2005 What do we really know about the people we call family? What kinds of feelings, gestures and love affairs characterise the smallest unit of society? What might really be going on beh...more
Fucking Different New York2006 What do construction workers do in their well-earned breaks? How might Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's relationship have ended? And what really happened between Marilyn Monr...more
Fucking Different Tel Aviv2008 The third installment of the conceptual series FUCKING DIFFERENT (the first was shot in Berlin, FUCKING DIFFERENT!; and the second in New York, FUCKING DIFFERENT NEW YORK), this anth...more
Fig Trees2008 An operatic documentary about the struggle of two Aids activists – Canadian Tim McCaskell and South African Zackie Achmat. Both have fought tooth and nail for the provision of ...more
Forever Enthralled2009 Bertolt Brecht was one of his admirers, as was Charlie Chaplin and Sergei Eisenstein, who even filmed him. Chinese actor and singer Mei Lanfang (1894 –1961) was one of P...more
Football Under Cover2007 Teheran in April 2006. Iran’s national women’s team and a local Berlin women’s football team are playing their first official friendly match – before a crowd ...more
Fucking Different São Paolo2009 This is the fourth film of the conceptual series FUCKING DIFFERENT (after: FUCKING DIFFERENT!, FUCKING DIFFERENT NEW YORK, FUCKING DIFFERENT TEL AVIV), produced by Kristian Petersen....more
Five Ways to Kill Yourself1986 Along with his other short film "My New Friend" Gus van Sant was awarded with the first TEDDY AWARD for best short film in 1987. ...more
Family Tree2010 Frédérick runs a tree nursery. For sixty years this elderly man has not only cultivated seeds and seedlings but also harbours a secret. His wife and his eldest son are ...more
Franswa Sharl2009 Twelve year old Greg inherited the competitive spirit of his father. During a family vacation, both have the chance to express their differences. While the father pushes the son into...more
Forbidden Fruit2000 This film tells the story of two women lovers named Nongoma and Tsitsi who live in the country in Zimbabwe. Lesbian relationships are very much taboo in Zimbabwe and, when their secr...more
Fun Down There1988 Chronicling a single week in the life of Buddy, FUN DOWN THERE is one of the early gay films produced after the arrival of the AIDS epidemic and is a refreshingly uncomplicated view ...more
Forbidden Love1990 Homosexuality is a strict taboo in Czechoslovakia. This documentary looks at the social aspects of this in a changing society and interviews several homosexuals about how they cope w...more
Farewell My Queen2011 Versailles in July 1789. There’s growing disquiet at the court of King Louis XVI: the people are defiant and the country is on the brink of revolution. Behind the scenes at the...more
Francine2012 After serving time in prison, Francine settles down in small-town North America. Through a series of temporary jobs, she tries to regain a foothold in society. However, this security...more
Fucking Different XXY2014 The sixth part in the compilation film series Fuckung Different breaks new ground. Since 2005 producer and project initiator Kristian Petersen has asked gay and lesbian filmmakers fr...more
Fifis is Howling from Happiness2013 Bahman Mohassess was a celebrated artist at the time of the Shah. Trained in Italy, he created sculptures and paintings in his homeland. But audiences often took offence at the prono...more
First Time2013 The first time can be really hard, especially when you feel you've got something to prove to your mates. Alex and the others hang out at the beach, chatting and bragging. He trie...more
Free Fall2013 Marc is shaken to the core when he meets a fellow police officer, Kay, on a trainingcourse and begins to develop feelings for him. When Kay asks to be transferred to Marc’s uni...more
First a Girl1935 When female impersonator Victor catches cold and loses his voice, the youngElizabethstands in for him. The British remake of Viktor und Viktoria is a revue film with many song-and-da...more
Finding Vivian Maier2014 An older gay couple in a city in northern Italy talk about their decades-long relationship. A man describes how he was physically abused by his father because of his sexual identity....more
Fever2013 “Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood” (Pablo Neruda). It’s the early 1950s and little Franzi is growing up in the small Austrian town of Judenbur...more
Fassbinder - to love without demands2015 Rainer Werner Fassbinder was probably Germany’s most significant post-war director. His swift and dramatic demise at the early age of 37 in 1982 left behind a vacuum in Eur...more
Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer2015 In 1966, Yvonne Rainer changed the world of modern dance with her performance ‘Trio A’ by analysing the repertoire of human movement in a radically unspectacula...more
Fugue2015 Framed by a grid, an elusive figure performs a number of movements, leaving traces of light on the film emulsion, while short texts are projected onto the figure, obscured by the une...more
Freak Show2017 ‘Being fabulous, no: being relentlessly fabulous is damn hard work. I should know. I've dedicated my life to the pursuit of it.’ Could Billy Bloom be like everyo...more
FLUIDØ2017 It is the year 2060 and AIDS has been eradicated. However, in some, the HIV virus has now mutated into a gene from which a drug can be produced that has become the white powder of th...more
Final Stage2017 The present, the whole present and nothing but the present. A young man on a footbridge, a bus departs, his friend is gone. This is followed by a majestic parade through a shopping c...more
Family Members2019 An empty house near a small town on Argentina’s Atlantic coast. Following their mother’s death, siblings Gilda and Lucas have moved in for a short time to pay their last ...more
Female Misbehavior1992 In four short films, three women and a transgender man talk about their sexuality. In Bondage, Carol, a New York activist in the lesbian leather scene, explains her embrace of sadoma...more
Four Quartets2018 He waves his arms in the air while his lithe body soaks up the beat and transfers it to his legs. Raf literally breathes in the music. At the same time he is constantly scanning the ...more
False Belief2019 FALSE BELIEF is the love story of a couple caught up in the gentrification of a neighborhood that is wiping out a seminal African-American cultural legacy and displacing its original...more
Fear of Disclosure1989 This was the first film to specifically address the difficulties in relationships between HIV-positive and HIV-negative men. Two go-go dancers assess each other’s mortality whi...more