Title Year Synopsis
EAST/WEST - Sex & Politics2008 Not a trace of socialism – Moscow, at least at its centre, nowadays bears comparison with any capitalist city. Wealth, showiness, but also elegance as far as the eye can see &n...more
Eleven Men Out2005 Óttar Thor is the undisputed star of Icelandic premier league football team, KR. All hell breaks loose one day when he innocently tells reporters about his homosexuality. More...more
End Of Love2008 Following his mother’s death, Ming, a good-looking gay man, moves out of their shared apartment and rents a room owned by Cyrus. His new landlord is an extravagant young man wh...more
Every Little Step2008 The 21st May, 1975, marked the Broadway premiere of Michael Bennett and Nicholas Dante’s musical “A Chorus Line”. When the curtain fell on stage for the last time o...more
E-Love2010 Paule is pushing 50, as she repeatedly observes in her voice-over commentary. When she – a philosophy lecturer with a 10-year marriage and a 15-year-old daughter – learns...more
Erè mèla mèla2001 Bodies brush against each other, hands speak to each other and loving glances are exchanged. A cinematic poem dedicated to the other – without whom one is nothing. >>...more
Edward II1991 Edward II, King of England, jeopardizes his reign when he brings his male lover to court. Embarrassed and outraged by the flaunting of his "degeneracy," his neglected Queen...more
Erotic Fragments No. 1,2,32011 “Three” is the rule. The film has three parts. Each part has three shots and each shot is thirty seconds in length. Three characters share their erotic desires from the p...more
Exposed2013 In her previous work, underground artist Beth B has often addressedsuch topics as sexual repression and boundary transgression. In EXPOSED, she leads us through New York’s 21st...more
Echolot2013 A clique gathers in a house in the country to hold its own personal funeral ceremony for a friend who has committed suicide. It's not unusual for extreme situations to lure peopl...more
Eisenstein in Guanajuato2015 In 1931 the Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein travels to Guanajuato to direct his film Que viva México. There he encounters a new culture and its dealings with death; he ...more
Elisa & Marcela2018 When Marcela and Elisa meet on their first day in high school, it is love at first sight. A deep friendship begins which soon turns into a romantic relationship. Nothing can prevent ...more
Entropia2018 Three women, three lives in parallel worlds, until the moment a fly causes a bug in the system. The universe collapses, sex is in the air, bras are overrated and the stars twinkle! I...more
Embroideress2014 Dreams and memories grasped as mystery. Five short stories united by one action: “Helicopter,” “Sunday,” “Doggie-photographer, “Mausoleum,” ...more
EMO the Musical2017   ‘How do we know you´re for real?’ · ‘I tried to hang myself at my last school and they expelled me.’ · ‘Welcome to the ba...more
Escape From Rented Island: The Lost Paradise of Jack Smith2018 In his essay film, Jerry Tartaglia, longtime archivist and restorer of the film estate of queer New York underground, experimental film, and performance legend Jack Smith, deals less...more
Evidentiary Bodies2018 A life lived within the sprocket holes of film can still dance. The beauty of the human body, although maimed, dances forward. Hope does not live eternal but daily. An audience immer...more
easy love2019 Field experiments in matters of the heart: Seven men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 are faced with the pleasure but also burden of being the architects of their own destiny....more