Title Year Synopsis
Découpage2008 Découpage is a film about filmmaking and film viewing; about a gender encountering itself, the world and the images of this world. ...more
Derek2008 “Letter to an Angel” was written by Tilda Swinton to Derek Jarman on 17 August, 2002 – eight years after his death. In it, she describes her delight at the publicat...more
Dead Gay Men and Living Lesbians2007 In his documentary Rosa von Praunheim creates the vision of a subculture ruled by women that is also a reassessment of the history of homosexuality and its oppression. As a result of...more
Drifting Flowers2008 The eponymous drifting flowers in Zero Chou’s film are three Taiwanese women living in different parts of the island state: a child, a young girl and an old woman. All of them ...more
Dream Boy2007 A drama about taboos, love and violence, based on a best-selling novel by Jim Grimsley set in a religious community in America’s south. Fifteen-yearold Nathan and his parents h...more
Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story2007 When the film’s director, Julian Shaw, was 15 years old he saw a show in Sydney that was to change his life. That night, just one entertainer took to the stage – a politi...more
Dish2008 DISH observes the conversations of two adolescent Emos, Israel and Louie, in Los Angeles. The main issue is sex with other guys. Louie knows about it from personal experience, but Is...more
Dasepo Naughty Girls2006 Fun, sex and lunacy. All hell's been let loose at No Use High School! Director E J-Yong puts a whole new curriculum together for his brilliant adaptation of an internet comic. Wh...more
Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense2010 Film director Daniel Schmid was born in 1941. His father was a hotelier in Flims. A talented child, he was inspired by his grandmother’s stories and soon discovered the art of ...more
Death By Instalments2010 Fritz Bauer was probably the most renowned state prosecutor the Federal Republic has ever had. He saw himself as a ‘lawyer out of a sense of freedom’ and was convinced th...more
D.E.B.S. (short)2003 In the 562nd episode of a – fictional – television series, the D.E.B.S. find themselves up against a particularly tough opponent. The four schoolgirls, who also happen to...more
D.E.B.S.2003 They are the most versatile, deadly, best trained – and certainly best-looking – troop of secret agents in the world. The D.E.B.S. are four young women who have been spec...more
Detlef2012 There was a time in which the rainbow flag meant more than just the promise of a certain lifestyle. DETLEF takes us back into the turbulent days of the gay rights movement and illumi...more
Dina and Noel2012 An old man is dying. His carer Noel sits quietly by his side. Dina, the man’s granddaughter, appears in an animal costume. She raids the fridge and then goes off to have fun wi...more
Dyke Hard2014 After scoring a huge hit with their first single, hip lesbian band Dyke Hard fall into the creative doldrums. When their front woman leaves it looks like curtains for the re...more
Dear John2014 50 years ago, director Hans Scheugl could have left Vienna and started a new live in the USA. His contact with John, his American lover of past days, has long since ended. An investi...more
Daniel's World2014 Daniel, a 25-year-old student of literature, lies in the bath. Off-screen we hear his voice: ‘Although I’ve never been with either a boy or a girl, I can’t say ...more
Different from the Others 1919 Violin virtuoso Paul Körner promotes the musical talent of young Kurt Sivers whose parents observe the infatuated relationship between Paul and Kurt with distrust. Then, the cri...more
Dog Days2016 Endless dog days of summer weigh heavily on the impoverished suburb of Changsha where a young mother, Lulu, works as a dancer in a cheap nightclub. Coming home late one night, she di...more
Don't Call Me Son2016 Pierre is seventeen and in the middle of puberty. He plays in a band, has sex at parties and secretly tries on women’s clothing and lipstick in front of a mirror. Ever since hi...more
Discreet2017 Bacon sizzling in fat, a young woman thanking the subscribers of her YouTube channel, a corpse neatly wrapped up in black garbage bags and floating down a river – as clear as t...more
Dream Boat2017 One week on a cruise ship, with parties, fun and new friendships. The all-gay clientele on board are preoccupied with topics such as identity, the body beautiful and the search for s...more
Dressed for Pleasure2018 Following on the heels of Lick Us, Meow, Meow! (Generation 2016) Marie de Maricourt’s back with another dazzling rebellion involving sexual identity. There’s no spac...more
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot2018 John has a penchant for off-colour jokes - and a drinking problem. And so, when somebody he met at a party suggests they go on an all-night bender in L.A. he simply can’t refus...more
Demons2018 Ambitious young actress Vicki lands the starring role in a promising theatre production in Singapore. What seems like the opportunity of a lifetime, however, turns out to be the begi...more
Daddy and the Muscle Acadamy1991 In the late 1940s, the artist Tom of Finland began turning his sexual fantasies into drawings. He gained world renown with the publication of his work in American men’s magazin...more
Dress Rehearsal und Karola 21979 A tie or lace? After trying on numerous treasures from New York’s second-hand stores, and extravagant fashion accessories, Karola Gramann decides on a traditional dinner jacket...more
Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press1984 Frau Dr Mabuse, boss of an international media conglomerate, needs to boost circulation. She has decided to create an artificial character who will fulfil all her readers’ drea...more
Driveways2019 ‘Don´t you wanna invite any young people, too? – Not really…’ Cody’s summer begins with a road trip. Accompanying his mother Kathy, he trave...more