Title Year Synopsis
Changing Times2004 Antoine arrives in Tangiers from Europe. He is on an assignment to supervise the setting up of an audiovisual centre, his task being to expedite the process. However, Antoine is secr...more
Colour Blossoms2004 As with the two previous films in his “PEONY PAVILION” trilogy, director Yonfan once again found the inspiration for his new film from an opera by the Chinese poet and dr...more
Cycles Of Porn - Sex/Life in L.A. - Part 22005 Los Angeles in the year 2005: 19-year-old lads move through an apartment that has been equipped with webcams and looks like some sort of futuristic internet doll’s house. Not-q...more
Container2006 “A woman in a man’s body. A man in a woman’s body. Jesus in Mary’s stomach. The water breaks. It floods into me. I can’t close the lid. My heart is full...more
Corroboree2007 A director has organized for a young man named Conor to visit him at a meditation retreat to perform scenes from a story of his life. The young man has been given a tape with instruc...more
Cherry Blossoms - Hanami2007 A story of selfless love that is also a poetic journey into the meaning of life itself. Trudi is the only one who knows that her husband is terminally ill with cancer. When his docto...more
City of Borders2009 CITY OF BORDERS – that´s Jerusalem. In the heart of Jerusalem – defying generations of segregation, violence, and prejudice – stands an unlikely symbol of tol...more
Combat2006 "COMBAT" is the third and last part of the filmed diary started by Patrick Carpentier in 2003 and entitled "The Irregularity of the Tearing". Two young men f...more
Capote2005 November 1959. As a result of the success of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Truman Capote is now a celebrated writer and – thanks to his ability to spin a good yarn...more
contre-jour2009 CONTRE-JOUR: “The look with which we view and comprehend the world and how it is cast back at us in response, breaks up into ‘contre-jour’ (back light), into disqui...more
Comrade Couture2008 COMRADE COUTURE is a journey through the wild underground world of fashion and so-called “survival artists“ in East Berlin. It was a world of make-believe amidst the rest...more
Celebration2006 Chanel, Dior, Armani, Kenzo, Balenciaga ... in spite of globalisation, Paris remains the most important fashion centre of all and the city is still a magnet for designers from all ov...more
Covered2010 2008, the opening of the first QUEER SARAJEVO FESTIVAL was closed down by a violent mob, that accused the organizers of blasphemy. Eight people were hospitalized, and the festival wa...more
Celebration2001 A six-year-old boy enters the limelight, timidly crosses the stage to greet the waiting crowd. Tension fills the air. All the boy’s friends and relatives are there.The boy clim...more
Chrissy1999 Chrissy was the filmmaker’s best friend and the oldest of four daughters in a family from Perth. Chrissy was raped at the age of seventeen and, as a result of later complicatio...more
Coming Out1989 The young teacher Philipp Klahrmann takes his first class of sixth formers. Inspired by his new position he makes a date with his colleague, Tanja. The pair gets quite carried away d...more
Caught Looking1991 It won't be long before interactive videos will be all the rage. Video players will exist which are addicted to gay sex fantasies in "virtual reality" and are at the me...more
Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen1993 "Hello people - I don't need no American Express Card! I am Carmelita Tropicana, Ms. Lower East Side Beauty Queen, famous nightclub entertainer an star of stage and screen. ...more
Coming Out Under Fire1994 COMING OUT UNDER FIRE features nine gay and lesbian veterans who recount how they joined the patriotic war against fascism in the 1940s only to find themselves fighting two battles: ...more
Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter1994 "The first time my mother asked me, 'How exactly is it that we're related?' I was shocked," says filmmaker Deborah Hoffmann. In COMPLAINTS OF A DUTIFUL DAUGHTER...more
Children of Srikandi2012 Srikandi is a female figure from the Indian Mahabharata epic that changes gender to live and fight as an equal among men. This character is a role model for eight highly personal per...more
Call Me Kuchu2012 The anti-homosexuality bill that religious groups in Uganda are trying to have passed, calls for imprisonment of homosexuals and, in ‘severe cases’ even the death penalty...more
Cherry2011 Eighteen-year-old Angelina works at a launderette and is determined to make something of her life. After earning a bit of cash posing for nude photos she uses the money to escape her...more
Concussion2012 42-year-old Abby is married, well-heeled and a lesbian. She and her wife have two children – they are the perfect family. Then one day she sustains a head injury from a basebal...more
Cabaret1972 In early 1930s Berlin, aspiring writer Brian Roberts falls in love with honky-tonk singer Sally Bowles. The ex-pat American with her zest for life takes the uptight British academic ...more
Castanha2014 “What have I become? Me, a true 80’s creature?” is what the character played by João Carlos Castanha asks on stage, which could just as easily be directed at...more
Caravaggio1986 On his deathbed, the painter Michelangelo Caravaggio (1571–1610) looks back on his life. In flashbacks we see his childhood in Bergamo and Milan, the man who fostered his talen...more
Calamity Who?2014 Christine Boisson is being interviewed at her Parisian apartment. The things she says and the images that appear seem to have something to do with the legendary character named Calam...more
Cancelled Faces2014 A man, striving for autonomy, lives in fear of being absorbed by his lover. Korea, the now: When Unk hits Boaz on his scooter, an amour fou takes its course in a performative ballad ...more
Cyclops Observes the Celestial Bodies2014 “Cyclopean 3D is the most 3D a single eye can come up with. This means the celestial horde on display here can only seem to be galloping through space. Actual seeing into depth...more
Casa Roshell2017 You’d never know this is your home away from home. The surveillance camera outside shows a drab reception area and an unremarkable street in Mexico City; inside, the lights fla...more
Casting2017 For her first television film – a remake of Fassbinder’s Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant – director Vera wants the perfect cast. But the first day of sh...more
Chavela2017 Singer Chavela Vargas gained a name for herself firstly in Mexico and later worldwide chiefly for her interpretation of traditional rancheras. These songs were mainly composed by men...more
Call Me by Your Name2017 It’s the hot, sun-drenched summer of 1983 and Elio is at his parents’ country seat in northern Italy. The 17-year-old idles away the time listening to music, reading book...more
Close-Knit2017 Eleven-year-old Tomo is pretty much left to her own devices. Unwashed dishes are piling up in the sink and supermarket onigiri are all there is to eat again. Tomo’s single moth...more
Contra-Internet: Jubilee 20332018 Inspired by Derek Jarman’s 1978 queer punk film Jubilee, Contra-Internet: Jubilee 2033 follows Ayn Rand and members of her Collective, including Alan Greenspan, on an acid trip...more
Compartment1990 Sex on the metro! The director has taken footage shot in a completely empty compartment on the London underground and married it to the off-camera reading of a pornographic text that...more