A Life In Vain - Walter Schwarze

Deutschland, 2004
18 minutes
Rosa von Praunheim
  • Walter Schwarze


This film is part of a series of films on gay men who survived the Nazi era. I met Walter Schwarze when he was already in his eighties. My camera recorded his first public account of his five-year incarceration as a homosexual at Sachsenhausen concentration camp. He was in his fifties when he met Ali in his hometown of Leipzig; the two men became partners and re-mained close until his demise. And yet, Walter told me, he felt he had lived in vain because he had not had the good fortune of today's gays, who are able to grow up in freedom. Walter Schwarze died of cancer on May 10, 1998.
Rosa von Praunheim

Walter Schwarze is also portrayed in Praunheim's TOTE SCHWULE - LEBENDE LESBEN (DEAD GAY MEN AN LIVING LESBIANS).

BIOGRAPHY Rosa von Praunheim

Born in Riga in Latvia in 1942, he studied painting at the Offenbach University of Art and Design and the Berlin University of the Arts. He made his first short film in 1967 and was assistant director to Gregory J Markopoulos the same year. He ranks among the most prolific gay filmmakers; for his 70th birthday he surprised his fans with 70 new short films with a total running time of over 700 minutes.

FILMOGRAPHY Rosa von Praunheim (selection)

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Production company
Rosa von Praunheim Film
Original title
Umsonst gelebt - Walter Schwarze