Title Year Synopsis
With Gilbert & George2007 Filmmaker Julian Cole has known the artists Gilbert & George for over twenty years – since 1986, to be exact, when he posed for the pair as a model. Some time after they ph...more
Women's Hearts2007 Zina is a young Italian woman of Moroccan descent. She is to marry a wealthy Arab in Turin. Shakira, a Moroccan transvestite and the best dressmaker in town, is making her wedding go...more
Who's The Top?2004 Gwen loves Alixe and has every reason to be happy with her except that Alixe, a young poet, often seems distracted. At times like these Alixe is either dreaming of Cymon Blank, a dar...more
Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell2008 American cellist Arthur Russell (1952–1992) made a name for himself as a singer, composer and producer. His music was where dance floor met the avant-garde; the musicians he wo...more
Whatever It Takes2004 Maya refuses to believe that her relationship with Tamar is over. Instead, she tries everything in her power to prevent Tamar from leaving the country. ...more
When Darkness Falls2006 Leyla, Carina and Aram are all victims of crimes that they refuse to take lying down. They are at the centre of this Swedish thriller. Leyla is the daughter of immigrants and has gro...more
World On A Wire [restored version]1973 In a not too distant future, scientists at the Institute for Cybernetics develop a computer. It can simulate a world that perfectly resembles the real world. This virtual reality is ...more
Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives1977 WORD IS OUT: STORIES OF SOME OF OUR LIVES (1978) presents a mosaic of interviews with 26 gay and lesbian individuals who describe their experiences of coming out, falling in and out ...more
Why Madame Why2010 A satirical look at one glamorous, chic, assumedly cultivated woman strolling down Berlin's Kurfürstendamm without a care in the world, unselfconsciously devouring a phallic...more
We Were Here2010 When the first cases of Aids were announced thirty years ago, San Francisco was particularly affected. Even then, the city was a centre of the American gay movement; all at once, Aid...more
Wild Side2003 Sylvie is a 32-year-old transsexual prostitute.Sylvie feels that her life is somehow wasting away. Often suffering from depression, the desire to end it all sometimes becomes overpow...more
With What Shall I Wash It?2003 Day break in the red-light district of a Spanish town. Someone who earns their living in these parts makes their way home, sits down in front of the mirror and begins to remove their...more
Walking On Water2001 Gavin has an incurable illness. Anna and Charlie are his closest friends. The trio have a pact: should Gavin find it impossible to go on living, the others promise to help him die wi...more
Water Drops On Burning Rocks1999 Germany in the seventies. Léopold, a fifty-year-old businessman, meets Franz, who is nineteen. He invites him back to his place. A love affair begins. One day, something of ...more
Wittgenstein1992 "It is well known that after his lectures, Wittgenstein was in the habit of dashing off into the cinema to indulge in Westerns. We are not in a position to say wether this detai...more
Westerland2012 The island of Sylt in winter is a freezing cold, beautiful but desolate place. On the beach is a young man, Jesús, who has somehow wound up here from who knows where. Cem has ...more
When I was a Boy, I was a girl2013 Goca is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organising orpartcipating in a gay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is really her niec...more
White Night2012 Won-Gyu is a flight attendant and is constantly in transit. Anonymous hotel rooms are all the home he knows. Tae-Jun is a motorbike courier who spends almost all his time on the stre...more
Will You Still Me Tomorrow?2013 Introverted Wei-chung has been married to Feng for nine years. They have one son together, and Feng would like to have another child with him. One day Stephen, an old friend who now ...more
Winter Morning2013 Maria hesitates when her best friend Birita offers her some pills, but – what the hell? Her mother’s away and they are both desperate to have some fun tonight. They set o...more
Wonderful World End2015 In her Gothic Lolita guise 17-year-old Shiori attracts a lot of followers for her blogcast. Whenever she can she talks about herself, offers make-up tips and is delighted at the...more
Weekends2016 Every weekend the gay male choir G-Voice rehearses in Seoul – as they have been doing since 2003. The choir, being a kind of antidote to homophobic Korean society, makes the ev...more
Who's Going to Love Me Now?2016 Saar has never fulfilled his parents’ expectations. Ever since he defied the rules of his kibbutz and was barred from the settlement community seventeen years ago, as far as hi...more
Wild Mouse2017 Georg feels confident and at ease in his position as a member of a Viennese newspaper’s editorial staff. He is both loved and feared – as befits an established music crit...more
Weirdos2016   ‘I am a weirdo.’ · ‘Honey, she is a weirdo, too. We are all weirdos. That’s what makes us beautiful.’ In laconic black-and-white ...more
Where the Summer Goes (chapters on youth)2018 The summer heat shimmers. A group of friends drives to the forest. Their bodies are packed tightly into the car, four on the backseat and two up front. The men kiss. In the woods the...more
Welcome to the Dome1991 A rare record of the German Act-Up (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power) movement. At the closing prayer of the German Bishops’ Conference on 26 September 1991, the Frankfurt actio...more