A Soap

Dänemark/ Schweden, 2005
102 minutes
Pernille Fischer Christensen
  • Trine Dyrholm
  • David Dencik
  • Frank Thiel
  • Elsebeth Steentoft
  • Christian Tafdrup
  • Pauli Ryberg
  • Jacob Lohmann
  • Claes Bang
  • Christian Mosbæk
  • Laura Kamis Wrang
  • Joan Bentsen
  • Camilla Søeberg
  • Tom Hale


Charlotte, who is 34, runs a flourishing beauty parlour. Dissatisfied with her relationship with Kristian, she decides to leave their flat and move into the first apartment she finds – much to Kristian’s amazement, for, as far as he is concerned, everything is honky dory between them. Veronica, 32, lives one floor below. Veronica is a man – a transsexual who lives with his dog, Miss Daisy. Unable to work on account of a nervous condition, he has been obliged to take early retirement. Whenever he isn’t busy receiving a visit from a gentlemen friend in order to supplement his pension, he is the devoted follower of an American television soap. Veronica has applied for a sex change and is just waiting for the go-ahead. The two female tenants meet one day by chance – but not in very happy circumstances – for Charlotte saves Veronica from committing suicide. Veronica repays her by sewing curtains for Charlotte’s bedroom window. As if drawn by some strange magnetism, these two lonely hearts find themselves attracted to each other. During the course of a particularly relaxed evening together, things begin to develop into something of an erotic têteà-tête – until they both quickly retreat inside their shells. And then, one day, Charlotte is brutally beaten by a frustrated Kristian. The situation requires a male Veronica to act as Charlotte’s protector. Veronica ends up tending to Charlotte’s wounds on his living room couch, where he makes use of the location to acquaint her with the wonderful world of soap – a world full of love and dark dealings. Once again, the fire deep within them is kindled. Only this time, they know they are falling in love. Both are too afraid to admit this, and begin hurting each other instead – so much so that there’s almost no hope of a happy end. The chances of their happiness together dwindle even more when Veronica’s sex change application is finally approved…

To be continued. In the next episode.

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FILMOGRAPHY Pernille Fischer Christensen (selection)

2005 En Soap 



Production company
Nimbus Film
Original title
En Soap