A Thousand Clouds Of Peace Fence The Sky, Love; Your Being Love Will Never End

Mexiko, 2002
80 minutes
Julián Hernández
  • Juan Carlos Ortuño
  • Juan Carlos Torres
  • Perla de la Rosa
  • Salvador Álvarez
  • Rosa María Gómez
  • Mario Oliver
  • Clarisa Rendón
  • Salvador Hernández
  • Pablo Molina
  • Manuel Grapain Zaquelarez
  • Miguel Loaiza
  • Pilar Ruíz
  • Llane Fragoso
  • Gloria Andrade
  • Martha Gómez
  • Martin Solís
  • Marcos Hernández


17-year-old Gerardo and his friend Bruno have split up. Gerardo finds himself wandering aimlessly about the streets of Mexico City. As he meanders, he is tortured by images: every male body he sees rekindles memories of his lover, who is with him once again in his imagination. However, his wet dreams do not alleviate his suffering, nor does masturbation provide him with any kind of relief. Even his brief, surprising sexual encounters with strangers can’t help him get over the pain of his loss. Now that Bruno has left him, Gerardo is determined to keep what’s left of their dead love for himself – but this is like trying to reach out for the clouds scudding past in the sky. Gerardo’s only comfort is a letter he discovers in the rubbish – the fact that it has nothing to do with him is something he refuses to accept. Gerardo’s pain has made him impervious to the realities of his environment. Before long, he can only perceive others as reflections of his own wounded, decimated ego. The affairs and opinions of others are of no interest to him and even his friends are not able to open his eyes to the truth. Gerard constructs a tower of loneliness in which he is determined to preserve his desire for Bruno from the onslaught of the real world. He is holding on to the fantasy images of his erstwhile love in an endless farewell, in a vast, endless city.

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FILMOGRAPHY Julián Hernández (selection)

2009 Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo 2005 El cielo dividido 2002 Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jamás acabarás de ser amor 



Production company
Mil Nubes Cine & Cooperativa / Cinematográfica Morelos
Original title
Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jamás acabarás de ser amor